What does Mediation cost?


Mediation is a cost-effective and smart alternative to court when it comes to disagreements with you ex-partner. Our fees are competitive, as we want to make sure everyone is heard when it comes to these situations, no matter their financial background.

If you qualify for legal aid, family mediation services will come at no cost. If your ex-partner is eligible for legal aid in relation to family mediation, you'll receive your mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) and first joint mediation for free, and for any other sessions we can apply for the government voucher scheme to cover the cost. If you are not legally aided, your session may be covered by the £500 Mediation Voucher launched by the Ministry of Justice. You can read more about the £500 voucher scheme here.


Our Mediation Charges


Cost per person, per hour (including VAT)

Cost (including VAT)

Mediation Assessment (MIAM)



Mediation session 



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How our costs compare to going to court

Going to court can cost between £2,500 and £10,000, but might be much more depending on the number of hearings there are.

The Government are encouragin people to try mediation before going to court. In March 2021, the Ministry of Justice launched a mediation voucher scheme to assist families with the cost of mediation so that they can try to avoid the need for court. You can read more about the voucher scheme here.

Legal Aid for Mediation

Legal aid can help cover the entire cost of mediation. The process is means-tested, requiring you to provide proof of your present financial situation to establish your qualification for it. Our team can help talk you through whether you are eligible.

Once determined eligible, Legal Aid will cover all individual mediation expenses for you. It will also extend to the initial meeting and the first mediation session for the other party if they do not meet the criteria for Legal Aid themselves.

You might qualify for legal aid concerning mediation if you have a modest income or are currently unemployed. We will assist you in initiating the assessment procedure before scheduling an appointment, but you can inquire about legal aid at any point during the mediation process.

Please call us on 01429 869247 or email us at admin@changingfuturesne.co.uk with any questions you may have.

£500 Mediation Voucher

In March 2023, the government announced the extension to its Family Mediation Voucher Scheme which will run to at least April 2025. This is to help keep family disputes away from the courtrooms whilst easing pressures on the family courts and ensuring the justice system can focus on the families it most needs to protect. To support these measures, the government are offering up to £500 worth of vouchers to help families come to resolutions outside the legal system. You can learn more about the voucher scheme here

How to pay

We ask clients to please ensure payments are made in full prior to the appointment.

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